I invite to cooperation companies and manufacturers of metal detectors, who care about showing their product.

All tests will be presented on the YT film channel.

The detectors tested by us are thoroughly discussed with a division into 3 topics:

1. DESIGN – Industrial design

First of all, we discuss the so-called design, or more precisely industrial design. At this stage, the user interface, ergonomics of the device and quality of workmanship are also important to us.

2. FEATURES – Functional functions

Another important element is the function of the detector, I look like working with it in the field. We discuss in detail: working modes, ground tuning, ID, audio, discrimination, volume control, sensitivity and depth and other functions.

3 TECHNOLOGY – Technology and technical solutions

We take a closer look at the technology in which the device operates and at interesting solutions and patents.

metaldetectortechnologies team