Vista X – another Top Digin test – iron masking

Another Top Digin test that shows big problems with the DeepTech Vista X detector. A device advertised by local distributors as a device in which the masking effect was reduced to a minimum was completely lost in a real field test. The detection of a coin or coin treasure in close proximity to a small iron is only possible at a distance of 50cm from the colour target.


Top Digin – Independent tests MD

Top Digin on the YT channel:

This is a completely new initiative of people with many years of experience in searching with metal detectors.

After not little effort, a test field was created, which allows for an objective field test. Not only the range of metal detectors is checked, but also other properties: correct identification, separation of objects. Marketing information is verified in real field conditions.

The authors of the project have interesting ideas and are constantly improving their test area. The traditional test on targets buried at different depths has been enriched with a “gold test” and a 3D separation test in which objects are buried in the ground profile. The results of such tests are completely different from those of the so-called “nail tests on a sheet of paper”.

In the link given to the film on the YT Top Digin channel, the operation of the DeepTech Vista X metal detector is discussed. Not little emotion in the comments has been evoked by the ground knob, which causes a huge problem for users.

In traditional tests and 3D separation tests, the DeepTech Vista X proved to be very weak. We are waiting for more information from the YT Top Digin channel. We will be keeping a close eye on all tests on this channel.


TWO-BOX for White’s Spectra, DFX, MXT

Two-box for White’s detector: Spectra v3i, vx3, DFX, MXT. It allows to increase the search range and performs the function of size discrimination – small area garbage is omitted.


TWO-BOX Features:

  •  two coils RX (receiver) and TX (transmitter) shielded
  •  weight 1.57kg
  • easy detector mounting
  • helmet range 2m, maximal range 6m

More info:

The recommended program for Spectra is Prospecting. Gain=10-15, TX-BOOST=ON, SAT=1, other sensitivity settings freely. The highest range is obtained at 2.5kHz. When searching in Prospecting mode we can also use the pin point mode.


Garrett APEX


The new Garrett APEX detector!  More information and tests on our website soon. By the way, we will compare individual multifrequency solutions.

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